Shadow of the Colossus sketches, logo design and concept art (Team Ico for PS2, 2005).

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Evgeny Hontor


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A to Z Creature-bet by Daryl Toh Liem Zhan / takeru-san

As part of an A to Z illustrative challenge, Daryl has been reproducing iconic monsters and mythical creatures from folklore to movieland. He even did the Mothman, which scares the unliving Vishnu out of me (did you see that movie with Richard Gere? Seriously). Stay informed with his monster du jour updates at any of the links below.

Artist: DeviantArt / Tumblr / cghub

Super Street Fighter Mashup

Ian Brooks:As part of tonight’s (12/14) The Games Art And Music Charity Show in Jacksonville, FL, Logan and several other local artists will be showcasing their best combos with art dedicated to the fighting genre and raising money for Child’s Play Charity, an organization that donates video games to children staying in hospitals. Pressing A to kick your buddy’s ass while also helping sick kids sounds like a worthy cause to me.

Created by Logan Zawacki

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Journey. Pre-Development Sketches of ‘The Cloaked Figure’

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Ganon original character design from Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64, 1998).

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One of around 20 prints I am working on for the OHNO!DOOM Gallery October show.

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Faux splash page for League of Legends featuring Tryndamere and Ashe.

Faux splash page for League of Legends featuring Tryndamere and Ashe.

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